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Installing ByDiscovery
Install ByDiscovery Tracking Code with Google Tag Manager
Install ByDiscovery Tracking Code with Google Tag Manager
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Before you follow this guide, you should install Google Tag Manager on your site.

You will need to install Google Tag Manager first if you don't have it yet. To learn how to set up and install Tag Manager, visit Set up and install Tag Manager article.

In this article, we will describe how to install ByDiscovery Tracking Code using Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Custom HTML tag from within Google Tag Manager

  • Go to your Websites page and click on the View tracking code link for the Site you want to track

  • Click Copy to clipboard

  • From the Google Tag Manager Workspace page, click on the Add a New Tag button

  • Click inside the Tag Configuration area

  • Select Custom HTML from the list

  • Paste the code you previously copied from Hotjar into the text field

  • Click inside the Triggering area

  • Click All Pages

  • Name the tag and then click the Save button

  • Submit your changes

  • Make sure your live environment is selected, and click Publish

After waiting a few minutes, check that ByDiscovery Tracking Code has been installed successfully.

After you have installed your tracking code

You can set up ByDiscovery, including Personas, Journeys, and Widget Settings.To get started, check out the guides below:

When you start collecting data

Once Journey is active and you start collecting data on Visitors check out the next features:

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