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Installing ByDiscovery
Install ByDiscovery Tracking code manually
Install ByDiscovery Tracking code manually
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In this article, we will describe how to install the ByDiscovery Tracking Code manually.

  • Go to your Websites page

  • Click on View tracking code for a website you want to track

  • Click on Copy to clipboard

  • Access your website's code and paste the copied ByDiscovery Tracking Code between the <head> </head> tag

  • Click on Verify installation button to verify your website

For ByDiscovery to work best, the Tracking Code should go inside the Head tag (<head>/head>) of every page you wish to track.

It is recommended that you add the Tracking Code to your website template so that it will automatically appear on each page.

The Tracking Code will show as Receiving data right after the ByDiscovery Tracking Code has been added to your website, but there is sometimes a delay.

After you have installed your Tracking Code

You can set up ByDiscovery, including Personas, Journeys, and Widget Settings.To get started, check out the guides below:

When you start collecting data

Once Journey is active and you start collecting data on Visitors check out the next features:

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