What is ByDiscovery?
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With ByDiscovery, you can discover anonymous visitors on your website and convert them into Buyer Personas that you have created with the tool. If your website visitors identify with your selected Buyer Persona, you will take them on a personalized journey of your website.

What ByDiscovery can give your website visitors

Here are some examples:

  • Visitors don't have to search on their own for information on your site that interests them - they have it given to them on a tray

  • Visitors will learn about the benefits and advantages specifically for them that your SaaS or your services offer

  • Visitors are quicker to discover the functionalities of your product they should use. They are also quicker to get acquainted with your service offerings as if they were tailored to their needs

  • They will educate themselves by reading the content you choose for them

Combining both analytics and personalization tools, ByDiscovery gives you the "big picture" of how to improve your site's user experience and performance/conversion rates.


A Buyer Persona is a representation of your target customer, based on market research and real data. You can’t create effective marketing campaigns without them! In order to understand your customers' needs and wants, you need Buyer Personas.

The main way to discover a Buyer Persona on your site is to use the ByDiscovery Widget in which you determine who your potential customers are by profession and ask this question to your visitors.

What level of authority does this particular Persona have, and in what departments are they likely to work? Are they Managers? Specialists? Executive?

Each of these Personas will be interested in different benefits for themselves, other factors determine whether they want to use your product or service.


ByDiscovery helps identify Buyer Personas by creating a checklist of items that matter most to them. It's called website Journeys.

You can easily segment and identify website visitors with checklists.

We offer a ByDiscovery Widget for personalization and converting:

  • Lead magnets - collect e-mails and share valuable marketing resources

  • Blog posts - direct traffic to priority pages

  • Pricing - provide decision-makers with as much information as possible

  • Product pages - a measure of which pages are most popular

  • Tours and demos - offer options for a 1:1 meeting

  • Sign-ups - encouraging people to register can be one element on your checklist

Sneak peek of Insights

Journey example for SaaS visitor

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